Does reMarkable 2 have a monthly fee

Does reMarkable Have A Monthly Fee? [2023]

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In this post, we’ll talk about does reMarkable have a monthly fee?

reMarkable 2 has taken the world by storm, but is it as affordable as it seems? Join us as we delve into the topic of monthly fees and uncover the truth.

Quick Answer

The reMarkable 2 does not have a monthly fee during its first year of use, which comes with a free trial. However, after that, users will need to pay a monthly fee of $2.99 to use Connect (unlimited cloud storage and more features), which can be canceled at any time.

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What Is Connect By The Way?

By subscribing to Connect ($2.99 per month, down from $8 per month), you can unlock a host of benefits designed to enhance your experience with the reMarkable tablet. These benefits include unlimited cloud storage and synchronization, as well as the opportunity to safeguard your device with up to three years of additional protection through the reMarkable Protection Plan.

Additionally, Connect subscribers receive exclusive offers that are not available to non-subscribers. With these perks, Connect offers a comprehensive suite of tools to help you get the most out of your reMarkable tablet.

Pros and Cons of reMarkable 2 Subscription


  • Access to additional features and services, such as handwriting recognition and OCR.
  • Automatic cloud syncing and backups, ensuring you don’t lose your notes or documents.
  • Regular software updates and improvements, improving the functionality and usability of the device.
  • Additional storage space for your documents and notes.
  • Access to a larger library of templates and tools to enhance your note-taking experience.
  • Ability to try out new features and services before they are released to the general public.


  • Additional ongoing cost on top of the initial device purchase price.
  • Some users may not find the additional features and services worth the subscription cost.
  • Subscription-based models require ongoing payment, which may be inconvenient for some users who prefer to make a one-time purchase and own the device outright.
  • Some users may prefer to use third-party services for cloud syncing and backups, which may be less expensive or more flexible.
  • The additional features and services may not be necessary for all users, particularly those who only use the device for basic note-taking purposes.

1.   The benefits of owning a reMarkable 2

Although there is a monthly fee associated with owning a reMarkable 2, the benefits of the device are also significant. The reMarkable 2 is a digital tablet that is designed to mimic the feel of writing on paper. It’s an excellent device for taking notes, making sketches, or just doodling. It also allows you to store all your notes and sketches in one place, which can be a real benefit for those who like to keep everything organized. Additionally, the reMarkable 2 is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional paper notebooks, which makes it an excellent choice for those who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

2.   Exploring the Value of reMarkable 2’s Features and Functionality

The reMarkable 2’s pricing model and cost-effectiveness should be evaluated in the context of the device’s unique features and functionality. One of the standout features of the reMarkable 2 is its ability to mimic the experience of writing or drawing on paper, which is particularly appealing to artists, designers, and writers. Additionally, the device’s long battery life and cloud sync capabilities make it a useful tool for professionals who need to take notes or annotate documents on-the-go.

3.   Understanding the limitations of the reMarkable 2

While the reMarkable 2 is an excellent device with many benefits, it’s important to understand its limitations as well. For example, the device is primarily designed for taking notes and making sketches, which means it may not be the best option for those who need a device for more complex tasks like video editing or graphic design. Additionally, the reMarkable 2 does not have a backlit screen, which means it can be difficult to read in low-light conditions.



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