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9 Best Tablets For Home Assistant [2023 Top Picks]

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The importance of using the right tablet device for home assistance cannot be understated. As technology becomes increasingly more commonplace, having a reliable and user-friendly device to control everyday tasks can be invaluable. The ability to access online services, such as streaming music or movies, is critical for many people around the world. Having the proper tablet device can make doing these activities easier and faster than ever before.

Let’s analyze the 9 best tablets for home assistant in 2023.

TabletsFeaturesAmazon PriceRank
Sim Support
400 Hours Standby Time
NON-Removable Battery
Get Here9
Gen i5
Windows 11
Get Here8
7 Hours Battery Life
Android 11
Get Here7
128GB Storage
Dolby Atmos
Octa-Core Processor
Get Here6
S Pen Included
Slim Metal Design
AKG Dual Speakers
Get Here5
2022 Release
Alexa Support
Google Play Not supported
Get Here4
Android 10 Pie
32GB Storage
2GHz Quad-Core Processor
Get Here3
2160×1620 Pixels
4 Years Battery Life
EPEAT certified
Get Here2
1920 x 1200 Pixels
Galaxy Ecosystem Experience
1.12 Pounds
Get HereNo. 1

1.     Alcatel 3T 8″ Tablet

When looking for a tablet to use as a home assistant, the Alcatel 3T 8″ Tablet is an ideal choice.

With sim support, you can make calls right from your tablet and it has a 400 hour standby time so you don’t have to worry about having to recharge it constantly.

Equipped with a NON-removable battery, this tablet also runs much longer than most others on the market. The crystal clear display gives you sharp and vivid images that create an enjoyable viewing experience when watching movies or playing games.

The Alcatel 3T 8″ Tablet boasts impressive sound quality; its speakers provide immersive audio enjoyment that makes listening to music a pleasure. It also houses 16GB of storage with expandable memory options up to 256GB, giving you plenty of room for apps, photos and videos without needing more physical storage space.

2.     Microsoft Surface Pro 9 (2022)

The Microsoft Surface Pro 9 (2022) is the best tablet for home assistant. With its advanced Intel Gen i5 processor, it is capable of multi-tasking with ease and speed.

This device runs on Windows 11 and packs features that make it an ideal choice for a reliable and efficient home assistant.

Its ultra-thin design makes it easy to slip into a bag or briefcase as well as turn heads in any room. The bright, vivid display allows for clear navigation of menu options and other tasks without having to squint at the screen.

Its long battery life ensures you can depend on your device throughout the day and not worry about having to recharge frequently. Plus, the sleek exterior will add a touch of style wherever you bring it along with you.

3.     Nokia T20 | Android 11

The Nokia T20 Android 11 tablet is a great choice for anyone looking for an easy-to-use home assistant.

Its 1200×2000 resolution display provides clear visuals, while its 7 hour battery life makes it easier to handle tasks without having to worry about recharging too often.

The tablet is powered by the latest Android 11 operating system, giving users access to all of the newest features and applications available on the market today.

The Nokia T20 also comes with a number of helpful tools designed to assist with everyday tasks like shopping lists, calendar management and even reading emails. It’s intuitive user interface makes it simple to use, while its range of customization options allows users to tailor their experience exactly how they want it in order to get the most out of their home assistant.

4.     Lenovo – Tab P11 Plus

Lenovo Tab P11 Plus is the ideal home assistant tablet. Its 128GB storage capacity makes it easy to store all the necessary documents, photos and music.

Its powerful octa-core processor ensures smooth multitasking, fast web browsing and reliable video streaming.

The tablet also features Dolby Atmos for an immersive audio experience that brings movies and shows to life when enjoying with friends and family. In addition, its long battery life lets you keep up with work commitments without worrying about charging your device multiple times a day.

Lenovo Tab P11 Plus offers an intuitive interface that makes it easy for anybody to use this tablet even if they are not tech-savvy.

5.     SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

The SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is a fantastic device for anyone looking for a home assistant. It has a slim metal design and includes the Samsung S Pen so users can easily draw, write or make notes quickly and accurately.

The tablet also features stereo AKG dual speakers to provide users with an immersive sound experience while streaming music, TV shows, or movies.

In addition to its stylish look and audio capabilities, the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite offers several other exciting features. For instance, it has a long battery life that enables users to work uninterruptedly for up to 12 hours on one full charge.

6.     Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet

The Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet is the ideal device for home assistants. With its 2022 release, it comes with a range of features to make life easier at home. The Alexa support allows people to ask questions and get responses quickly and easily, as well as many other functions that can be done through voice commands.

Additionally, users can also search the internet and access thousands of online books, magazines and apps from the Amazon Appstore without having to worry about Google Play not being supported.

The Fire HD 8 tablet also has an 8-inch display which is perfect for streaming movies or reading eBooks on Kindle.

7.     Lenovo Tab M8 Tablet

Lenovo Tab M8 Tablet is the ideal choice for a home assistant. Its Android 10 Pie operating system ensures smooth performance and fast navigation. Its 2GHz Quad-Core processor allows users to multitask without any issues, while its 32GB storage capacity makes room for all necessary applications. It also has a long battery life that provides enough power to keep up with daily tasks.

The tablet is designed to provide an intuitive experience, making it easier than ever to complete tasks using voice commands or its large 8 inch HD touchscreen display.

The device features dual cameras on both the front and back of the device which offer clear picture quality for taking photos or video conferencing with friends and family.

It also has preloaded apps such as Google Assistant, Google Maps, YouTube Music, Chrome and more which makes finding information quickly a breeze.

8.     Apple 2021 10.2-inch iPad

The Apple 2021 10.2-inch iPad is the perfect tablet for anyone looking for a home assistant.

This iPad has a stunning 2160×1620 pixel resolution that allows users to have an immersive experience while using the device.

The 4 year battery life offers extended use, so users do not have to worry about their device running out of power quickly. Additionally, this iPad is EPEAT certified, which means it meets higher standards in terms of environmental friendliness and sustainability when compared to other devices on the market.

The features offered by this tablet make it ideal as a home assistant. With its long battery life and larger display, you will be able to multitask more efficiently than ever before. Furthermore, its sophisticated design provides both comfort and convenience as well as aesthetic appeal when used in your home or office setting.

9.     SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A8

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 is by far the best tablet for home assistant tasks. It features a crisp 1920 x 1200 pixels resolution, allowing users to clearly see even the smallest details on their screens.

The device also incorporates Samsung’s unique Galaxy Ecosystem Experience which provides a range of useful applications and services that work together seamlessly. This allows users to efficiently automate and control various aspects of their homes without needing multiple devices.

In addition, the tablet weights only 1.12 pounds, making it both effortlessly portable and highly durable at the same time.

The Tab A8 also offers an excellent battery life of up to 8 hours on a single charge, giving users plenty of uninterrupted use for all their home assistant needs. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface makes navigating through different apps simple and intuitive even for those who are not tech-savvy.



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