LumaFusion For iOS [2023 Review]

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LumaFusion (Professional Video Editing Software) is a powerful and versatile video editing app that caters to both professionals and aspiring producers, journalists, and filmmakers. This exceptional software enables users to craft engaging and captivating video stories that are bound to captivate their audience.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting, LumaFusion is designed to meet all your video editing needs. With its wide range of advanced features and effects, the app enables you to create stunning video content that stands out from the crowd. From simple cuts and transitions to complex color correction and audio mixing, LumaFusion has got you covered.

What’s more, LumaFusion offers an array of user-friendly video tutorials to help users become proficient in the art of video editing. The app also boasts of world-class free support and an incredibly vibrant community of video enthusiasts and professionals on its forums, all working together to help users hone their skills and perfect their craft.

Current 2023 LumaFusion Stats

#11 in Photo & Video4.8 • 22K Ratings$29.99

LumaFusion also offers In-App Purchases Looking for a detailed comparison to DaVinci Resolve here’s your guide.

In the latest 4.0.1 (2023) version they have fixed

  • LumaFusion’s latest update includes improved stability and performance, resulting in a smoother and more seamless video editing experience.
  • Incorrect aspect ratio rendering in some previous-version projects has been fixed, ensuring that all images are displayed correctly.
  • Audio sync issues caused by splitting a multicam clip with a transition have been resolved.
  • The playhead will no longer jump to the end of the timeline when a clip on the main track is deleted.
  • Linked clips now remain in their correct positions even when the main track clip is adjusted for speed.
  • Trim handles on multicam clips will no longer disappear unexpectedly.
  • Clips no longer flash while trimming in overwrite mode.
  • Improved performance and stability throughout LumaFusion app

Some changes to the MULTICAM STUDIO as well

  • Discover the reimagined Multicam Editing experience designed for touch screens.
  • Effortlessly synchronize multiple shots from various angles and craft your cinematic masterpiece by simply tapping to cut between them.
  • Get access to this innovative feature with an in-app, one-time purchase.
  • Head over to to learn more about this game-changing tool.

Here’s what’s new in April 2023…

  • Take control of your audio with the Graphic UI for EQ filters, including Bandpass, High-Pass, High-Shelf, Low-Pass, Low-Shelf, and Parametric options.
  • Isolate voices and enhance clarity with the powerful Voice Isolation Filter.


  • Enjoy automatic relinking of external device media for a seamless editing experience.
  • Save time manually relinking media by relinking all clips with the same media in LumaFusion.
  • Preview your library sources that match your current project settings for a more accurate editing experience.
  • Save storage space with smaller project archives that contain multiple uses of LUTs.
  • Experience precise editing with the new snap-to-time-cursor feature when dragging or trimming clips.
  • Keep your linked folders organized and easily identifiable with the disabled state when not connected.

There Commitment

In the upcoming releases, LumaFusion will be introducing new features and enhancements to every aspect of the app to offer a seamless editing experience to its users

LumaFusion’s team is dedicated to providing top-notch support to its users, and to ensure that they have access to helpful resources such as tutorials, reference guides, and answers to frequently asked questions.

For any further queries or concerns, users can directly contact the LumaFusion team through their website,

Enhances your workflow

Discover one-time and subscription based optional in-app purchases to elevate your editing workflow in LumaFusion.


Seamlessly transition from LumaFusion to Final Cut Pro and pick up where you left off with this advanced feature.

StoryBlocks for LumaFusion

Enhance your video projects with StoryBlocks for LumaFusion. Discover a world of professionally-crafted third-party media and take your videos to the next level, all without leaving the LumaFusion app.

What other devices LumaFusion support?

Other than iOS LumaFusion does support Android and ChromeOS.

What Is LumaTouch Academy?

LumaTouch Academy is an educational platform offering live training sessions taught by Certified LumaFusion Trainers. The academy aims to help aspiring video editors and content creators improve their post-production techniques and master LumaFusion workflows through a series of interactive courses.

Additionally, LumaTouch Academy also provides personalized 1-1 training options for those seeking more tailored support. The academy also offers a series of pre-recorded YouTube videos called “Learn Fundamental Editing Skills” that can help you get started with video editing.

What are Video Scopes?

Here’s an official video:

Key Features Of LumaFusion…


  • Seamlessly edit your project with the enhanced magnetic timeline, featuring insert/overwrite and link/unlink clip functions.
  • Take advantage of track headers to lock, hide, and mute tracks for a more organized editing experience.
  • Utilize 6 video and audio tracks to enhance your project’s visual and auditory elements.
  • Incorporate 6 extra audio tracks to complement your footage and add depth to your project’s soundscape.
  • Preview your project on an external monitor to ensure that it looks and sounds its best.
  • Add markers with notes to your timeline for better organization and collaboration.
  • Easily cut, copy, and paste within your timeline or between projects to streamline your editing process.
  • Choose from a variety of preset transitions or create your own to add a professional touch to your project.


  • Add third-party audio plugins to take your project’s sound to the next level.
  • Fine-tune your audio to perfection with the Graphic EQ, allowing you to adjust individual frequencies with precision.
  • Keyframe audio levels, panning, and EQ for perfectly balanced and dynamic mixes.
  • Isolate tracks on multiple track files to make precise edits and adjustments to your project’s audio.


  • Enhance your videos with layer effects, including green screen, luma and chroma keys, blurs, distortions, styles, and colors.
  • Utilize powerful color correction tools to perfect your project’s color grading.
  • Choose from a selection of included color LUTs such as FiLMiC deLog or import your own .cube or .3dl files for a personalized look.
  • Stabilize your footage using the integrated Lock and Load Stabilizer for smoother, more professional-looking videos.


  • Utilize time-lapse video editing capabilities
  • Achieve slow motion and fast motion effects in both forward and reverse directions
  • Achieve smooth slow motion using 120fps and 240fps files

Media Library

  • View detailed metadata for your media to better understand its properties
  • Organize your media by renaming, adding notes, and color-tagging it
  • Access media directly from various sources, including Photos, GNARBOX, WD Wireless, and
  • Import media from a variety of sources, such as cloud storage, SanDisk iXpand, and SMB network drives
  • Utilize dozens of royalty-free music, sound effects, videos, and backgrounds for free
  • Quickly find the media you need using sorting and searching functions
  • Edit your media directly from USB-C drives


  • Create multilayer titles that incorporate shapes and images for added visual interest
  • Customize your titles by adjusting font, color, face, border, and shadow properties
  • Import custom fonts to personalize your titles
  • Save and share your unique title presets with ease

Project Management

  • Organize your projects by duplicating them, adding notes, and using color tags
  • Work with a variety of aspect ratios, including landscape, portrait, square, and widescreen film, to create endless project possibilities
  • Create projects specifically for editing iPhone and iPad screen recordings
  • Utilize frame rates ranging from 18fps to 240fps, allowing for flexible editing options


  • Inject VR Metadata for uploading 360° videos, ensuring that your content is properly formatted for immersive viewing experiences
  • Easily share your videos to various platforms, including the Photos app, YouTube, Vimeo, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud Drive, or any other app, even Airdrop to your Mac
  • Export your videos at a variety of resolutions and qualities, up to 4K (on supported iPhones and iPads), ensuring your footage looks its best on any platform
  • Quickly share a snapshot photo of any frame in your project to Photos, allowing you to easily share specific moments from your video
  • Export your videos directly to SanDisk iXpand Flash drives and network drives, including WD Wireless Pro and the new WD Wireless SSD
  • Control the resolution, quality, and format of your exported videos, ensuring that they look and sound exactly as you want them to when shared
  • Create a snapshot of any frame in your video, allowing you to capture and share specific moments with ease
  • Archive your projects for backup or editing on another device, ensuring that your work is always safe and accessible
  • Export your videos at different frame rates, including 18, 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 48, 50, 59.94, 60, 120, and 240 fps, giving you control over the final look of your video
  • Export audio-only or video-only files, giving you flexibility in how you use your footage

In Summary

In summary, LumaFusion’s latest update brings significant improvements to the app’s stability and performance, as well as fixing several issues that users may have experienced in previous versions.

These include incorrect aspect ratio rendering, audio sync issues, and the disappearance of trim handles on multicam clips, among others. With these fixes and improvements, video editing with LumaFusion is now even more seamless and efficient, allowing users to focus on creating exceptional video content.